Rolex watch logo, Rolex watches symbolic meaning

Rolex initially used the sign is a fingers stretched out the palm of your hand, meaning the product entirely by hand refining, and later gradually evolved into the now known crown, showing Rolex in the replica watch industry’s emperor’s gas. In the international market, the price of a regular Rolex replica watch from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 range.

Rolex replica watches logo, the history of the origin of the Rolex logo

Rolex’s original replica watch logo is designed as a stretched fingers, it means that the brand’s watch is entirely hand-crafted. And later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of replica watches, showing the Rolex watches in the replica watch industry’s emperor’s gas. Rolex logo design using the crown icon and letter design would like to combine, which also positioned Rolex in the watch industry status of the king, while the entire Swiss replica watch industry in the folk has a good reputation.

Rolex watch logo, Rolex watches patent

Rolex watches have 14 patented technology, of which 5 for the new patent, is the perfect combination of replica watch art and Rolex superb technology; easy to operate, easy to read, a new way for the global traveler to provide the necessary information, easy to master in the journey time. Rolex replica watch Glidelock buckle operation principle is very simple, but this design has made two patents.

Rolex replica watch Oyster insurance buckle design is quite simple. The curved outer cover is close to the inside of the wrist, the rugs, the Rolex Glidelock buckle and the oyster-type discounting system are hidden, and the beveled design makes the rugged and simple appearance even more prominent. To use its structure and function, just two simple action can be. First of all, with your fingers or thumb gently raised the insurance buckle, we can see the core buckle, that is, patented rapid installation of the pole. Then, with the fingertip at the edge of the press can pull the spring rod, exquisite and elegant buckle will be released. Rolex watches by accurate calculation of the appropriate force, so that the strap can be smooth opening and closing, and without any mechanical pressure.
Rolex replica watches logo, Rolex Rolex watches symbolic meaning.

Rolex watch logo, Rolex watches waterproof design

86 years ago, Rolex invented the first Oyster waterproof case, so that waterproof replica watch into people’s lives. So that time from the geographical and environmental constraints, the time from the air into the water, more to improve the grade of the watch.

Rolex watch logo, Rolex watches the functionality

Rolex replica watches are Swiss-made luxury replica watches, its design, production, and always maintain the traditional style. Its performance includes automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dust, etc., work fine, especially the dial, table and strap, carved into the crown is its high-quality signs. To meet the people in addition to business, in the engineering and sports needs.

ROLEX-Submarine Series 116610LN (Black) Mechanical Male Watch

Rolex watches with superb technology and high-quality design to win the replica watches uk industry full of color. High-profile classic and luxury, so that Rolex to become the supreme watch. Rolex replica watches sparkling signs also become high-quality totem.

Girard Perregaux Bridges Series Neo-Bridges watchv

Just past 2016 is the 25th anniversary of the creation of Girard Perregaux, since 1791 years since the two hundred years, Girard Perregaux has repeatedly made brilliant achievements. Today’s Girard Perregaux is responsible for the defense and heritage of the brand’s traditional responsibility, the brand’s innovative spirit and superb craft sustainable development. This year, Girard Perregaux re-interpretation of the classic elements of bold design, creating a Neo-Bridges replica watch (watch model: 84000-21-001-BB6A) this high-tech masterpiece.

Neo-Bridges replica watch uphold the nineteenth century forward-looking movement design, blend of retro and futurism, connecting tradition and innovation, showing a new unique structural aesthetics. In this timepieces of the work of the body, can see the new development direction of Girard Perregaux replica watchmaking, but also confirmed that the Gemei repeated miracle watchmaking achievements is no accident.

Neo-Bridges replica watch inherited the Girard Perregaux gene, fake watch movement is not only a timepieces of technical components, but also the composition of the design of timepieces. By the micro-automatic disk and the drum on the same axis of the design, replica watch the dial shows a perfect symmetrical aesthetic effect. Details of the place all highlight the architectural features of the replica watch and avant-garde innovative design concept.

Watch very modern case made of titanium, 45 mm in diameter, thickness of 12.17 mm, fusion polishing and satin two kinds of processing of the distinctive beauty. Watch bezel with a floating time scale, 6 o’clock position printed with “1791” words, on behalf of the Girard Perregaux brand creation time, 12 o’clock position inlaid three-dimensional “GP” brand abbreviation logo.

The design of the dial combines aesthetics of architecture, especially the modern sandblasting process, the NAC plating board, and the PVD coating on the curved bridge detail. Six o’clock position with a diameter of 10.15 mm variable inertia balance wheel, a new advanced technology and mature design aesthetic reflect each other. As the balance wheel size, this fake watch is more resistant to shock, bring more accurate timekeeping function. Watch with “box-like” sapphire crystal table mirror, for the watch to provide comprehensive protection.

Titanium metal to create a fine crown, the top marked with Girard Perregaux brand “GP” acronym, the side with a non-slip texture, easy to operate. Watch with black crocodile leather strap, with a pair of titanium made of three-fold clasp, firmly fixed to wear safe and comfortable.

Watch equipped with Cal.GP08400-0001 self-winding movement, the reason why the replica watch watch can not see the automatic winding movement often put Tuo, because the power of the watch from the dial 10 o’clock position of the micro-pendulum Tuo, movement can provide at least 48 hours of power storage. This fascinating movement has a perfect sense of symmetry – miniature automatic discs and clockwork drums are precisely embedded on the same axis.

Summary: Goblin Neo-Bridges replica watch this design can be described as highly recognizable, although the new design presents a new look, but the classic traditional elements are still retained, Girard-Perregaux Bridges series of identity or legislation can be discernible. Dark metal tone introverted low-key, but did not cover the design of the bold and avant-garde, is the trend of men’s choice.

Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watch in the Antiquorum auction made a new high

An Tian Gu Lun auction house held in Geneva, a collection of modern and antiques auction, Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watch a new high. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso flip replica watch, made in 1947, dial engraved with “LeCoultre Reverso” words. Valuation: 8,000-12,000 Swiss francs. Price: 50,000 Swiss francs.

Precious red paint dial Reverso flip watch, is the early Reverso flip watch collectors dream of the treasures. In May 2011, the Reverso flip watch came 80th anniversary of the special auction, Jaeger-LeCoultre Dinner Stainless Steel Reverso flip watch (number: 225) to shoot a high of 35,000 Swiss francs
Price, became the highest traded auction in the antique Reverso flip replica watch.

In the 1958 International Geophysical Year of the occasion of the production of Geophysic Chronomètre replica watch, is the watch collector’s legendary replica watch. Valued at CHF 8,000-12,000 at 36,250 Swiss francs. This replica watch anti-magnetic strength of 600 Gaussian, can effectively prevent the magnetic field for the precise timing of the replica watch. As the leader in the field of watches in the 1960s, Jaeger-LeCoultre has played a brand of innovative spirit, launched a series of ergonomic and have a lot of practical features of the self-winding watch, able to resist a variety of tests. Jaeger-LeCoultre will Geophysic replica watches presented to the United States the first atomic submarine “Nautilus” number of crew. “Nautilus” was successfully passed through the Arctic in 1958.

How to recognize the love of his wife true and false?

Audemars Piguet as one of the world’s top replica watch. Presumably many people have heard of Audemars Piguet brand of the replica watch. Xiaobian wrote a lot of articles on Audemars Piguet before the article, today to write an article about Audemars Piguet how we identify the authenticity. Some friends bought more than ten million Audemars Piguet replica watch, I do not know the true and false watches. Do not know how to conclude. Plus bell watch division micro letter: yusiixiaoyun

Audemars Piguet Since the creation of the brand in 1875 since the beginning of the course of 140 years, Audemars Piguet has always been adhering to the breakthrough innovation, the pursuit of excellence in the traditional essence, to create countless masterpieces, but also set a lot of “history of the first” records, such as published in 1892 The first in the history of the first three with the function of the watch; in 1986 launched the world’s first ultra-thin automatic on the Tourbillon replica watch; 1997, the most important three-hammer hammer three times the size of self-Ming replica watch; Ask and so stunning. “Eight King” complex function watch series is the love of the complex achievements of the past summary of the achievements and prospects for the future and the declaration; in 2006, the brand launched Audemars Piguet exclusive escapement system, revolutionized the replica watch industry century escape How the system works. Even more rare is that Audemars Piguet is currently the only ever established by the founding family of senior watch brand, and is committed to the complex function of tabulation skills inheritance, the achievements of the watch industry immortal family legend.

1. from the appearance of true and false

In the aesthetic design, love Peter uphold the spirit of contemporary creation, unique style, design a lot. The pursuit of perfection of the original intention to guide Audemars from the inside to the outside completely hand to create, gave birth to immaculate timepieces. With the accuracy and professional skills, replica watchmakers have a fine production of every timepiece. Such as 1972, the British naval warships Royal Oak in the name of the design of the octagonal watch, very successful, nearly three decades in this design continue to join the Audemars Piguet various types of complex devices, such as thallium flywheel, two needles, Calendar, etc., but also to join the movement of quartz automatic movement of the device.

2. From the material to identify true and false

Audemars Piguet used diamonds all carefully selected, regardless of color or clarity are superior level, really perfect. And then through the experienced jewelry craftsmen carefully mosaic. For genuine brand name, the naked eye can be observed is the replica watch longitudinal wheel, longitudinal fork, balance wheel three parts. If the material on the watch a little understanding of friends can be found, the difference between copper and steel, in general, the real watch used by the vertical wheel and the vertical fork of such small parts are the use of steel materials.

3. from the movement to identify true and false

Audemars Piguet movement in the workmanship and design are pay attention to excellence, excellence perfect for the lead. Audemars Piguet parts of the concept and production is extremely sophisticated, and the size of the accuracy even up to one thousandth of a millimeter. In the high-grade watches in the movement on the surface can see a called “shocker” thing. The general professional to identify how the name of the replica watch, just look at this will be able to initially determine the true and false of this replica watch how, but also know the movement within the grade.

Collection of antique table perfect time! replica Vacheron Constantin Collectors Series at 101

It sounds from the general consumer seems very far away, one is that it is necessary to price is not Fiji, to pocket enough to play, but more often, it is too much eyebrows angle, after all, is the age Things, movement situation is good? Are there any parts that have been changed? This may be done more homework, pay more tuition fees, in order to understand the knowledge.

How to reduce the risk of buying antiques when buying antique tables? Finding a reputable second-hand shop, or bidding directly from an auction, is a relatively safe way (of course, there is a risk). If you really do not worry, there is also an absolutely safe pipeline: Switzerland’s top brand replica Vacheron Constantin official antique table, the brand in the market to find some special historical items, re-finishing and then come out to sell, and attached Proof of the document and a year warranty, enough security it!

Last year,replica Vacheron Constantin jumped up to run the antique table this one, this approach is very rare in the senior table altar. To say the main reason is that the brands are still want to push a new table to the consumer, this type of antique table relative to the relatively less profit; but on the other hand, if you can properly control the price of antique table, and then stable second-hand Price, for the solid brand image is also a big plus points.

Why are these high-level tables do not want to cut into the antique table to sell this one?

In fact, the sale of antique table is not every brand can do, in addition to the brand must have a long history, the more important is the brand itself to have to repair their own antique table technology; especially in the past many are hand-made or Specially tailored style, if there is no data to retain the inheritance down, you have to rely on modern replica watchmakers by virtue of experience or ability to re-restore.

Back to another question: Why do you want to buy antique tables?

So in the past, there is no computer, CNC era, replica watch production is done by hand; although the modern standards, the antique table looks so imperfect (here refers to the font, table Shell lines), but it is actually very delicate grinding, but also has a hand-made sense of temperature. And we compare the philistine point, the antique table has a collection, and even value-added space (see items), and then if you want to buy a function with the product, but also much cheaper than now. For example, this time replica Vacheron Constantin exhibited a number Ref 11839 timing three asked pocket replica watch, according to the timing plus three ask function, pricing “only” 2.88 million, if the same specifications brought modern, must be broken Million for ah!

“Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs” Vacheron Constantin Collector Series, a total of 23 replica Vacheron Constantin Antique Hours: 11 1908 – 1949 pocket replica watch and 12 produced in 1947-1970 replica watch; these antiques The souvenir treasures are carefully selected and repaired by replica Vacheron Constantin’s departmental inspectors from private collectors and auctions of antique treasures. Only one can be sold.

Patek Philippe 2017 Basel variety of new for celebrations two anniversary

In 178 years, Patek Philippe has never interrupted the development and production of timepieces, launched a number of handed down classic, which makes us in the current experience of the anniversary celebration more and more, more and more frequent. To commemorate these important moments to create a glorious history and the production of commemorative models, has become the tradition of Patek Philippe. This year, Aquanuat series launched an anniversary replica watch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the series; the same time, the famous ultra-thin self-winding movement Caliber 240 ushered in its 40th anniversary of the birth of this year’s variety of new works can be found Its shadow. Other new works show us the future of the replica watchmaking industry, such as the classic “retro” design of the new perpetual calendar watch, and “Patek Philippe advanced technology research” series of the latest milestone, a limited edition Aquanaut traveler watch.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Limited Edition Ref. 5650 watch

In the Basel Watch Fair launched the “Patek Philippe advanced technology research” series replica watch Aquanaut traveler watch Ref. 5650G, this watch one to celebrate the birth of the Aquanaut series 20 anniversary. At the same time, with this limited edition replica watch, Patek Philippe directly for the senior replica watch industry delineated a new height: on the mechanical precision timing of the new height: -1 +2 seconds.

Watch movement with Patek Philippe advanced technology research laboratory research and development of the two innovations. One of the most important is the precision of the research results: the use of Silinvar ? material with a modified inner axis of the Spiromax? balance wheel. This innovation can improve the balance wheel in the vertical state of the replica watch when the timeliness, so that the movement of the movement to achieve a surprising daily error of not more than -1 to +2 seconds, comparable to Patek Philippe Tourbillon movement.

Patek Philippe Ref.5320G-001 perpetual calendar watch

The new time meter is a lot of collectively favored by the Patek Philippe timetable characteristics, in the past only in the main auction was able to see those masterpieces. In fact, Ref.5320G perpetual calendar replica watch from the forty to fifties a lot of works by the global attention to draw inspiration.

Ref.5320G new replica watch yellow and yellow surface to adopt the same design, while adding other practical display, for example, from 7 pm to 8 o’clock position with a circular day / night small window, and at 4 pm to 5 pm position with a round Leap year display window with Arabic numerals 1 to 4 show leap year cycle.

The surface with gold Arabic numerals and five minutes convex round scale, which add luminous coating; Barton pointer sharp, the surface is added Superluminova luminous coating (people think of the 1950s Ref.1463 chronograph ); Junior needle shape slender, seconds scale neat, creating timepieces clear and easy to read. Watch surface concise and elegant, under the mechanical movement is sophisticated and complex.

Patek Philippe Ref.5168G-001Aquanaut series of men’s watch

Patek Philippe presented Aquanaut Ref.5168G watch, celebrated the 20th anniversary of Aquanaut series. Watch made of 18K white gold, diameter 42 mm, lay the brand “treasure” sports the latest size of the timepiece.

Patek Philippe is Ref.5131P

A world watch, dial the central enamel world map captured a lot of table fans.

Enamel decoration almost throughout the history of replica watches and clocks. From the medieval clock, to pocket watch, and then to the modern replica watch, enamel has always been one of the treasures of the product. But whether it is filigree, filling or micro-painting process, making is not easy, especially the painting delicate, exquisite designs of the product.

Omega 60 anniversary of the new, not only heaven also on the moon!

Speaking of Omega, most people on Earth should be no stranger, from the World Cup, the Olympic Games stadium, to 007 movies, and even the early years of Chinese leaders Mao Zedong’s photos, can see the Omega figure.

In the many series of Omega, Speedmaster (Chinese name super tyrants) is definitely the most dazzling one, and even the greatest table on the planet said, of course, the words certainly have exaggerated elements in the inside, but from the fame, status And the overall quality, want to find beyond the Speedmaster series is too difficult.Said Speedmaster series is great, because Speedmaster is the first and only the moon to replica watch the moon, whether it is NASA or the former Soviet Union, in the implementation of manned space missions, have chosen the Omega Speedmaster series replica watch (why , Because other brands of watches can not pass the test ah)

Omega Speedmaster series was born in 1957, initially targeted at the use of scientists and professional athletes timing, so inside and outside the design are to serve the strong and durable and clear and easy to read these two features, which also for the Speedmaster series later became a space table lay the foundation.Later, the transition to the two superpowers in the United States and the Soviet Union in the space program on the competition, in the initial space flight, NASA did not require astronauts must wear replica watches, but gradually found in the harsh environment of outer space, it is necessary to wear high reliability Sex watches to ensure the precise timing of the important operations.

NASA had purchased a number of high-performance replica watches in the market, conducted a layer of screening reliability test, the final Omega Speedmaster series, defeated Rolex’s Daytona, Longines 13ZN (are able to name the history of the table Classic), come to the fore.With the approval of NASA, Omega Speedmaster has gradually become the standard of space missions, and later even extended to the polar adventure and other harsh environmental adventure tasks, in the first human adventure in the Arctic, the temperature as low as -52 ° C, Omega Speedmaster day error has never been more than one second, showing its tough level.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Speedmaster series, Omega is also launched a Omega Speedmaster series of car timing to Zhen astronomical table table to commemorate.

Cartier 2017 hollow replica watch Eternal beauty selection

In recent years due to the growth of the watch market slowed down, many brands are relatively conservative attitude to operate their own R & D to create and production marketing. Therefore, Switzerland’s two major annual table show, let the participants exclaimed again and again the masterpiece began to become rare, and some of the past few years of high-profile role has also gradually increased the percussion. According to the author, Cartier Cartier is among the rare differences, and even can be said to be the mainstay of the watch industry: from the senior tabulation, is loaded replica watch, jewelry watch, craft watch, in recent years each year a large number of rich style Published in the creative, more quality on the very bright performance.

Cartier sapphire crystal hollow watch equipped with the 9622MC manual winding movement

In order to strengthen the influence in the field of professional watchmaking, Cartier since the introduction of Fine Watchmaking series, will be more focused on the movement of the process. However, at the same time with the status of senior jeweler Cartier and traditional professional watch brand is the most different place is that the interpretation of advanced tabulation is not limited to the complex function of the mechanical structure, but also to study how these complex functions to the most Style and beauty of the way presented, to make each of the launch of the replica watches works not only has the inspiring functionality, but also show Cartier’s unique aesthetic style. And the emphasis on process technology and aesthetic conservation of the hollow table, it is clear that Cartier in recent years focused on the development of the project.

Celestial running tourbillon hollow watch equipped with 9461MC manual winding movement

Last year, Cartier in the senior tabulation series published Tank Skeleton and Tank Louis Cartier Skeleton two hollow watch, to hollow art interpretation of the legendary “tank” watch, aesthetics and craft achievements four shocks. This year, Cartier re-show the stunt, not only the introduction of AstroTourbillon Skeleton hollow version, even the new launch, assembled calendar, Tourbillon, three asked the time and other three top complex functions in one, is the history of the most complex Cartier replica watch – Rondonde de Cartier Large complex function watch also in the form of hollow table, the movement of the thickness of only – 5.49 mm, straight into the extraordinary realm of ultra-thin hollow.

Rotonde de Cartier large complex function watch

A superior hollow table in the hollow board and plywood, you must remove the maximum part of the excess, showing the feeling of ethereal; of course, have to consider the overall beauty of the movement, but also can not weaken the splint support, fixed parts of the ability Technology and aesthetics of the dual requirements of conservation is very high. So today, only a handful of top brands proficient in the production of hollow table technology, but also to the superb hollow replica watch, especially both complex functions of the hollow table to become a rare watch craft works.