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Cartier 2017 hollow replica watch Eternal beauty selection

In recent years due to the growth of the watch market slowed down, many brands are relatively conservative attitude to operate their own R & D to create and production marketing. Therefore, Switzerland’s two major annual table show, let the participants exclaimed again and again the masterpiece began to become rare, and some of the past few years of high-profile role has also gradually increased the percussion. According to the author, Cartier Cartier is among the rare differences, and even can be said to be the mainstay of the watch industry: from the senior tabulation, is loaded replica watch, jewelry watch, craft watch, in recent years each year a large number of rich style Published in the creative, more quality on the very bright performance.

Cartier sapphire crystal hollow watch equipped with the 9622MC manual winding movement

In order to strengthen the influence in the field of professional watchmaking, Cartier since the introduction of Fine Watchmaking series, will be more focused on the movement of the process. However, at the same time with the status of senior jeweler Cartier and traditional professional watch brand is the most different place is that the interpretation of advanced tabulation is not limited to the complex function of the mechanical structure, but also to study how these complex functions to the most Style and beauty of the way presented, to make each of the launch of the replica watches works not only has the inspiring functionality, but also show Cartier’s unique aesthetic style. And the emphasis on process technology and aesthetic conservation of the hollow table, it is clear that Cartier in recent years focused on the development of the project.

Celestial running tourbillon hollow watch equipped with 9461MC manual winding movement

Last year, Cartier in the senior tabulation series published Tank Skeleton and Tank Louis Cartier Skeleton two hollow watch, to hollow art interpretation of the legendary “tank” watch, aesthetics and craft achievements four shocks. This year, Cartier re-show the stunt, not only the introduction of AstroTourbillon Skeleton hollow version, even the new launch, assembled calendar, Tourbillon, three asked the time and other three top complex functions in one, is the history of the most complex Cartier replica watch – Rondonde de Cartier Large complex function watch also in the form of hollow table, the movement of the thickness of only – 5.49 mm, straight into the extraordinary realm of ultra-thin hollow.

Rotonde de Cartier large complex function watch

A superior hollow table in the hollow board and plywood, you must remove the maximum part of the excess, showing the feeling of ethereal; of course, have to consider the overall beauty of the movement, but also can not weaken the splint support, fixed parts of the ability Technology and aesthetics of the dual requirements of conservation is very high. So today, only a handful of top brands proficient in the production of hollow table technology, but also to the superb hollow replica watch, especially both complex functions of the hollow table to become a rare watch craft works.