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Omega 8500 watch profile

Omega dish to fly Hour Vision watch
8500 movement at the same time release is the disc flying Hour Vision series replica watches. The user can switch the crown (the first gear) to adjust the hour and time, convert the time zone, without affecting the minutes and seconds of the travel time. The coaxial escapement used in the movement can reduce the friction and energy loss between the escapement system components, with no card balance wheel, keep the movement for a long time the accuracy and stability. Due to the excellent resistance to friction of the body, so the use of coaxial escapement replica watch in the course of the use of basically no need to add lubricating oil.

Omega 8500 movement
Coaxial escapement, 202 parts, two-way winding automatic swing Tuo, double barrel, power storage 60 hours, 39 rubies, can be independently adjusted clock, access to the Swiss official astronomy (COSC) certification, movement rhodium-plated, horizontal Cross-pendulum plywood, no card gossamer, four-arm weight swing, screw, barrel and balance wheel by blackening, plywood and pendulum tricolor Geneva polished, pendulum for the brass and tungsten bimetallic build.

8500 movement of the six major technical features:
1. Two-way automatic winding pendulum Tuo;
2. Double barrel, power storage for 60 hours;
Coaxial escapement technology (Co-Axial);
4. No card balance wheel;
5.Hour Vision hour hand independent adjustment system;
6. Blackening screw, barrel and balance wheel;

8500 of the same brothers and sisters
Compared with the first paragraph of the 2500 movement with coaxial escapement, the 8500 has been updated in the escapement wheel, that is, from the original dual-function wheel to three-function wheel, for the movement to save about 13% of the space , Is conducive to further improvement of the movement. Although the escapement wheel has been updated, but the 8500 wobble still insist on using 25200 times / hour, the wobble is considered the most compatible with the coaxial escapement. And the new into the calendar function of the 8601/8611 movement, then began to use silicon material gossamer. Silicon material gossamer at the same time or in the smaller size of the 8520 / 8521,8421 and other women’s movement on the table. Omega will be in the entire 8500 new movement varieties in the popularity of silicon material gossamer.

Coaxial escapement is Omega replica contribution to the table altar of a gift. Although it was in the beginning of the existence of a lot of controversy, but it is undeniable that Omega replica is the first in the history of modern replica watches and clocks in the escapement “eat crabs” brand. With this alone, Omega is enough to disdain for the pack. 8500 come out, is the completion of a self-Omeri beyond, but also marks the real “return of the king.”

8500 movement used in the blackening treatment, is a high-tech diamond (DLC) vacuum coating film, a very high hardness and very low coefficient of friction, with dry friction, self-lubricating, anti-occlusal, etc., and visual On the landscaping effect is also very obvious.

The reason to choose such a slightly “tragic” color of the word as a title, there is a reason. If the self-produced movement has always been considered a comprehensive manifestation of the brand replica watchmaking, then the Omega since its inception soon after, it is already the industry deserved leader. Whether it is the origin of the name of the Omega brand “Omega” the same name 19 movement (introduced in 1894), or “5 Series” red copper movement (1958 began to launch), all the senior table fans relish. Subsequently, by the 20th century, the seventies and eighties quartz crisis, Omega because of the beginning to modify, improve the performance and performance has been widely recognized ETA movement, while ignoring the exclusive production movement of the R & D.

Omega in the 2007 Basel during the first launch of the 8500 movement. This is Omega replica 30 years since the first self-produced automatic movement. Its launch, marking the return of Omega to the field of high-level action and strength, but also highlights the Omega brand re-positioning of the firm determination. Over the past few years, the 8500 movement demonstrated the strength of the strong, so many people as a strong competitor of the Rolex 3135. 8500 movement of the barrel by the DLC (DIAMOND-LIKE-CARBON diamond) vacuum coating treatment. Diamond-like coating is an amorphous carbon film with a diamond structure, with similar performance to diamond, low specific gravity, high elasticity, is the ideal high-frequency diaphragm material used in advanced audio. Its balance wheel material is still using beryllium bronze, coating and bending arm design, the purpose is to increase the proportion of the weight per unit area, thereby enhancing the inertia moment of rotation.

As the Omega replica has long been “five-year plan” one of the test products, 8500 will be officially passed next year, “trial period.” For the final performance, we will wait and see.

Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “Deep Sea Black” watch SKP limited edition

In the deep blue sky of the earth, Omega replica can always get inspiration and opportunity. Traced back to the past, many great explorers have been wearing a Omega replica diving replica watch. Today, as the earth’s surface area of two-thirds of the ocean, is still one of the greatest mysteries on Earth. The Omega replica for the exploration of the ocean, also never stopped.

Omega hippocampus series ocean universe “deep sea black” watch SKP limited edition represents the Omega replica in the ceramic watchmaking process to a new level. Each of the “deep sea black” replica watch SKP limited edition case made by the whole piece of black ceramic, which in the Omega hippocampus series of marine cosmic watch called the move.

Omega replica hippocampus series of marine universe “deep sea black” watch SKP limited edition, the use of one piece of the formation of black ceramic case, diameter 45.5 mm, the most special is in its platinum one-way rotating diving bezel, helium valves and crown On the mosaic in a circle of bright rectangular cut diamonds. Watch inlaid 116 fine diamonds total weight 6.38 karats, luxury different, the world limited to 2, the table back were marked NO.1 and NO.2.

Cylindrical screw-in table back with Omega’s unique innovative ceramic Naiad locking technology, equipped with Omega 8906 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement, replica watch through the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) approved eight stringent tests, Resistant to strong magnetic field disturbances of up to 15,000 gauss. Wrist replica watch with no gear balance wheel silicon wire and double barrel, two-way winding. Tuo Tuo by rhodium-plated processing, decorated with Geneva ripple, can provide 60 hours power storage.

Omega 60 anniversary of the new, not only heaven also on the moon!

Speaking of Omega, most people on Earth should be no stranger, from the World Cup, the Olympic Games stadium, to 007 movies, and even the early years of Chinese leaders Mao Zedong’s photos, can see the Omega figure.

In the many series of Omega, Speedmaster (Chinese name super tyrants) is definitely the most dazzling one, and even the greatest table on the planet said, of course, the words certainly have exaggerated elements in the inside, but from the fame, status And the overall quality, want to find beyond the Speedmaster series is too difficult.Said Speedmaster series is great, because Speedmaster is the first and only the moon to replica watch the moon, whether it is NASA or the former Soviet Union, in the implementation of manned space missions, have chosen the Omega Speedmaster series replica watch (why , Because other brands of watches can not pass the test ah)

Omega Speedmaster series was born in 1957, initially targeted at the use of scientists and professional athletes timing, so inside and outside the design are to serve the strong and durable and clear and easy to read these two features, which also for the Speedmaster series later became a space table lay the foundation.Later, the transition to the two superpowers in the United States and the Soviet Union in the space program on the competition, in the initial space flight, NASA did not require astronauts must wear replica watches, but gradually found in the harsh environment of outer space, it is necessary to wear high reliability Sex watches to ensure the precise timing of the important operations.

NASA had purchased a number of high-performance replica watches in the market, conducted a layer of screening reliability test, the final Omega Speedmaster series, defeated Rolex’s Daytona, Longines 13ZN (are able to name the history of the table Classic), come to the fore.With the approval of NASA, Omega Speedmaster has gradually become the standard of space missions, and later even extended to the polar adventure and other harsh environmental adventure tasks, in the first human adventure in the Arctic, the temperature as low as -52 ° C, Omega Speedmaster day error has never been more than one second, showing its tough level.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Speedmaster series, Omega is also launched a Omega Speedmaster series of car timing to Zhen astronomical table table to commemorate.