Girard Perregaux Bridges Series Neo-Bridges watchv

Just past 2016 is the 25th anniversary of the creation of Girard Perregaux, since 1791 years since the two hundred years, Girard Perregaux has repeatedly made brilliant achievements. Today’s Girard Perregaux is responsible for the defense and heritage of the brand’s traditional responsibility, the brand’s innovative spirit and superb craft sustainable development. This year, Girard Perregaux re-interpretation of the classic elements of bold design, creating a Neo-Bridges replica watch (watch model: 84000-21-001-BB6A) this high-tech masterpiece.

Neo-Bridges replica watch uphold the nineteenth century forward-looking movement design, blend of retro and futurism, connecting tradition and innovation, showing a new unique structural aesthetics. In this timepieces of the work of the body, can see the new development direction of Girard Perregaux replica watchmaking, but also confirmed that the Gemei repeated miracle watchmaking achievements is no accident.

Neo-Bridges replica watch inherited the Girard Perregaux gene, fake watch movement is not only a timepieces of technical components, but also the composition of the design of timepieces. By the micro-automatic disk and the drum on the same axis of the design, replica watch the dial shows a perfect symmetrical aesthetic effect. Details of the place all highlight the architectural features of the replica watch and avant-garde innovative design concept.

Watch very modern case made of titanium, 45 mm in diameter, thickness of 12.17 mm, fusion polishing and satin two kinds of processing of the distinctive beauty. Watch bezel with a floating time scale, 6 o’clock position printed with “1791” words, on behalf of the Girard Perregaux brand creation time, 12 o’clock position inlaid three-dimensional “GP” brand abbreviation logo.

The design of the dial combines aesthetics of architecture, especially the modern sandblasting process, the NAC plating board, and the PVD coating on the curved bridge detail. Six o’clock position with a diameter of 10.15 mm variable inertia balance wheel, a new advanced technology and mature design aesthetic reflect each other. As the balance wheel size, this fake watch is more resistant to shock, bring more accurate timekeeping function. Watch with “box-like” sapphire crystal table mirror, for the watch to provide comprehensive protection.

Titanium metal to create a fine crown, the top marked with Girard Perregaux brand “GP” acronym, the side with a non-slip texture, easy to operate. Watch with black crocodile leather strap, with a pair of titanium made of three-fold clasp, firmly fixed to wear safe and comfortable.

Watch equipped with Cal.GP08400-0001 self-winding movement, the reason why the replica watch watch can not see the automatic winding movement often put Tuo, because the power of the watch from the dial 10 o’clock position of the micro-pendulum Tuo, movement can provide at least 48 hours of power storage. This fascinating movement has a perfect sense of symmetry – miniature automatic discs and clockwork drums are precisely embedded on the same axis.

Summary: Goblin Neo-Bridges replica watch this design can be described as highly recognizable, although the new design presents a new look, but the classic traditional elements are still retained, Girard-Perregaux Bridges series of identity or legislation can be discernible. Dark metal tone introverted low-key, but did not cover the design of the bold and avant-garde, is the trend of men’s choice.

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