Patek Philippe 2017 Basel variety of new for celebrations two anniversary

In 178 years, Patek Philippe has never interrupted the development and production of timepieces, launched a number of handed down classic, which makes us in the current experience of the anniversary celebration more and more, more and more frequent. To commemorate these important moments to create a glorious history and the production of commemorative models, has become the tradition of Patek Philippe. This year, Aquanuat series launched an anniversary replica watch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the series; the same time, the famous ultra-thin self-winding movement Caliber 240 ushered in its 40th anniversary of the birth of this year’s variety of new works can be found Its shadow. Other new works show us the future of the replica watchmaking industry, such as the classic “retro” design of the new perpetual calendar watch, and “Patek Philippe advanced technology research” series of the latest milestone, a limited edition Aquanaut traveler watch.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Limited Edition Ref. 5650 watch

In the Basel Watch Fair launched the “Patek Philippe advanced technology research” series replica watch Aquanaut traveler watch Ref. 5650G, this watch one to celebrate the birth of the Aquanaut series 20 anniversary. At the same time, with this limited edition replica watch, Patek Philippe directly for the senior replica watch industry delineated a new height: on the mechanical precision timing of the new height: -1 +2 seconds.

Watch movement with Patek Philippe advanced technology research laboratory research and development of the two innovations. One of the most important is the precision of the research results: the use of Silinvar ? material with a modified inner axis of the Spiromax? balance wheel. This innovation can improve the balance wheel in the vertical state of the replica watch when the timeliness, so that the movement of the movement to achieve a surprising daily error of not more than -1 to +2 seconds, comparable to Patek Philippe Tourbillon movement.

Patek Philippe Ref.5320G-001 perpetual calendar watch

The new time meter is a lot of collectively favored by the Patek Philippe timetable characteristics, in the past only in the main auction was able to see those masterpieces. In fact, Ref.5320G perpetual calendar replica watch from the forty to fifties a lot of works by the global attention to draw inspiration.

Ref.5320G new replica watch yellow and yellow surface to adopt the same design, while adding other practical display, for example, from 7 pm to 8 o’clock position with a circular day / night small window, and at 4 pm to 5 pm position with a round Leap year display window with Arabic numerals 1 to 4 show leap year cycle.

The surface with gold Arabic numerals and five minutes convex round scale, which add luminous coating; Barton pointer sharp, the surface is added Superluminova luminous coating (people think of the 1950s Ref.1463 chronograph ); Junior needle shape slender, seconds scale neat, creating timepieces clear and easy to read. Watch surface concise and elegant, under the mechanical movement is sophisticated and complex.

Patek Philippe Ref.5168G-001Aquanaut series of men’s watch

Patek Philippe presented Aquanaut Ref.5168G watch, celebrated the 20th anniversary of Aquanaut series. Watch made of 18K white gold, diameter 42 mm, lay the brand “treasure” sports the latest size of the timepiece.

Patek Philippe is Ref.5131P

A world watch, dial the central enamel world map captured a lot of table fans.

Enamel decoration almost throughout the history of replica watches and clocks. From the medieval clock, to pocket watch, and then to the modern replica watch, enamel has always been one of the treasures of the product. But whether it is filigree, filling or micro-painting process, making is not easy, especially the painting delicate, exquisite designs of the product.

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